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Should my website be mobile and tablet friendly?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Well, 57% of U.S. online traffic happens on a mobile device.

and 40% of smartphone & tablet users search for products on their devices.

It's important to reach as many consumers as possible. A mobile friendly website allows just that. Let's face it, people have a short attention span and want results right then and there. Providing them with what they want at their fingertips make it simple to choose you for what they're shopping for. Easy navigation, social media integration, call to action buttons... let us break it down for you...

1. Easy navigation: making it super easy for the customer to find the information they want or need.

2. Social media integration: provide easy to find links that attract customers to facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin or any other social platform you use.

3. Call to action buttons: A button on the first page or header that gets the customer from point A-B as quickly as possible. You've probably seen "Learn More", "Call Now", Get Directions, "Shop Online etc...

Keep in mind, these key ingredients are used across all devices. Since social media is used mostly on a mobile device, it is absolutely necessary to incorporate the tools mentioned above.

So, should your website be mobile and tablet friendly?


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